Arsenal have been a joke of club in the Champions League and it is shameful how they leave the biggest club football tournament in the Galaxy Way at the round of 16. Irrespective of how they finish in the group stage, the Gunners just don’t fancy playing in the quarter finals of the Champions League.

Just like PSG did to Barcelona on Tuesday, Arsenal were taken to the cleaners in Munich. It was a shame to concede 5 goals – 4 of which came in the second half. What happened to the team that held Bayern Munich 1-1 in the first half? How does Wenger sleep after such defeats?

Arjen Robben scored his regular. Ospina just had no chance. Sanchez penalty was saved but the Chilean managed to score a rebound after the first rebound. That was the best Arsenal could offer. Injury to Koscielny at the beginning of the second half opened the flood gates for the Bavarians. 3 goals in 10 minutes? Arsenal is not serious. Fraud.

This recycle has to stop and if it needs Wenger to end his romance with Arsenal, so be it. Arsenal cannot continue to stop at the Round of 16. This is just disappointing. Well, it is February. Who would break the curse of February for Arsenal? Can Arsenal get to the final of the FA Cup? Wenger can win the FA Cup and move up in Arsenal. Something new is needed.

Can the Gunners win 4-0 at the Emirates? That will be asking for the impossible. It was a sad night. Can Emirates do the reversal? Your answer is same as mine.

In the other Champions League match of last night, Real Madrid were 3-1 winners of Napoli.

Have a nice day. I can’t go to work today.