The FA Cup win seems to have faded away so quickly and the dust around the jibes and jubilations have settled down. Clubs are looking ahead and Arsenal is not left out.

As Wenger said after the FA Cup final, his contract will be sorted out after the meeting on Tuesday. True to his words, Arsenal announced a 2-year deal for the Frenchman. It was a no brainer. I was not expecting to walk away. I don’t think he would walk away until he achieves a particular goal. What goal exactly? – Champions League win? Premier League win? Outstay Fergie? Another unbeaten run? Who knows?

The news about Wenger’s two years extension was received with mixed feelings. Some expected him to have called it quits after the FA Cup but Wenger so loves Arsenal that he gave his all to steer the club through the transition period. Stop whining and support the manager. Hopefully within the years, we would be happier than previous years.

Tony Adams

I don’t understand why this Legend keeps sulking at not being a role at the Emirates. With such poor managerial record, does he want to have his way by all means at Arsenal? Arsenal is one big family but it doesn’t give any ex-player rights to be given a role at Arsenal. He should look to his Stature at the Emirates to wipe his sober tears away. 


I hate transfer windows, especially the long one after the season has ended. But feelings count for nought because players and coaches must move. The Arsenal transfer news has been filled such info like: €100 bid for Mbappe, Henry Onyekuru to Arsenal, Mahrez on the radar, Szczesny to Juventus, Newcastle on Giroud and Gibbs, Perez going, etc.

Mbappe’s bid looks like a joke unless Wenger decides to speak some French to his ears. Henry Onyekuru is a young Nigerian that lit Belgian football in the just concluded season. Will he join? He can be our Europa League striker and maybe surpass Thierry. Wake me up please. 

Szczesny should not be let to go. It would be a foolish thing for Arsenal to do. If Juventus see him as a replacement to Buffon, why can’t Arsenal see him as number 1 next season. 

And Giroud, he knows how to stuff pillows in the mouth of his haters. A hat-trick last night against Paraguay for France. Did anyone mention Benzema?

About Juventus, I hope they win the Champions League tonight against Real Madrid. 

Oh, I left one transfer out: Arsenal fan, ex-Enyimba player and Sand Eagles star Abu Azeez has joined Shooting Stars in the Nigeria Professional Football League till the end of the season. Will he save them from relegation? I hear they would change the pitch from AstroTurf to AstroSand.

Runs off.