Arsenal Stadium The Emirates” by Ronnie MacDonald (CC BY-SA 2.0)

We may only be in November but after seeing how the two Manchester clubs have started the season, the Premier League could already be a two-horse race. If that is off the agenda, could the League Cup be Arsenal’s best chance of success this season?

One huge thing going in Arsenal’s favour in the League Cup is that the other big clubs are playing important Champions League ties at the same time as the League Cup is taking place. That could mean they take their eye off the League Cup and place even less importance on it than they normally would. If that does happen, if Arsenal want it, the trophy could be theirs.

A 2-1 victory over Norwich in the fourth round put Arsenal into the quarterfinals where they have drawn West Ham at home. With West Ham struggling in the Premier League, this is a great draw for Arsenal and one that gives them a brilliant opportunity to make it into the semifinals. That puts them a step closer to success and at that point Arsenal would make the League Cup their top priority.

Looking at the latest football betting Arsenal are 6/1 to win the League Cup, a price that would decrease further should they beat West Ham and reach the semi-finals. So far they have been impressive in the competition, mixing their first team squad players with youth players who are getting the chance to perform. Should they make it into the semi-finals then I would expect them to play more first team players in their games, as they would recognise the opportunity they have to win a trophy.


Arsenal Logo” by Kieran Lynam (CC BY-SA 2.0)

One player who has made an impact in the competition has been Edward Nketiah, who scored two goals as a second-half substitute to help Arsenal beat Norwich in the last round. He clearly has a very bright future and it is possible that he may even start against West Ham in the next round, such was his performance against Norwich. Alongside his two goals against Norwich, he has three goals for Arsenal U23s as well this season and although we may not see much more of him this season, he is certainly one to remember for the future.

One other thing that may make Arsenal’s best chance of silverware the League Cup is that there looks to be a number of quality teams dropping into the Europa League with them. Teams such as Napoli, Atletico Madrid and Borussia Dortmund all look to be heading into the Europa League, and if they do that will make it very difficult for Arsenal to win that competition.

Looking at how things are going so far, the best chance Arsenal have of silverware this season looks to be the Europa League They are already in the quarterfinals and with other teams having more important competitions to focus on, Arsenal could sneak up and take advantage by going on to lift the League Cup trophy at Wembley.