Mike Dean have revealed to his colleagues that he made a wrong call by awarding a penalty against Arsenal in the New Year’s eve 1-1 draw at Westbrom.

According to referees’ chief Mike Riley, Referee Mike Dean said his decision to award West Brom an 89th-minute penalty against Arsenal was “wrong. He also believes it would have been overturned by the Video Assistant Referee.

Referees’ chief Mike Riley: “I know Mike would have overturned it. He messages people, and he’s a very honest guy, and he goes, ‘I got it wrong’. He knows he did.”

Wenger was banned from the touchline for three games for his comments on the referee and Arsenal were denied three points.

Sadly, Mike Dean’s confession changes nothing for Arsenal. The decision will not be overturned. Mike Dean may not be punished and he would repeat same soon.