Day #3

I decided to visit the Red Square where I made new friends – Russians, Armenians, Mexicans and English. There were others who I couldn’t figure out their nationality but we enjoyed the fun put together by FIFA and its sponsors at the Red Square. They wanted photos either because of the dark green Super Eagles jersey I wore or the Arsenal jacket I had in case of cold.

I signed on the KIA Motor board, had a picture with the Budweiser cup, perused the mini FIFA Fan shop before joining in a mini soccer game outside.

It was fun for everybody – old and young. There was a Robokeeper that went for all balls from the penalty spot. Other games include Ball Tennis, Winter etc. The biggest was the mock semifinal between England and Croatia. At half time it was 3-1 to the Croats. Very unlikely scores.

At the Red Square mall, the history of the world cup were on display as you walk through the ground floor. I also took the opportunity to see the prototype of the stadiums to be used for Qatar 2022. Beautiful. I sent the people of Qatar a message. I hope to see them in 4 years time.

Being away from St. Petersburg, the next best way to watch the game was at the FIFA FAN FEST. The Fan Fest had the big Fan Shop that had anything you are looking for. Sadly, the only Nigerian branded item there was a green face cap. I wonder what I would get. Converting the prices from Rubles to Naira discourages me. Our economy sha.

With over 7 big screens, the Fan Fest had fans all over the place with most supporting Belgium. I met a Liverpool fan from England who wanted Belgium to win because most of their players play in the Premier League. How many NPFL players went to World Cup again?

I wanted France to win – they did. Greizman’s second half corner was guided home by Umtiti for the only goal of the game. Belgium had their chances but France missed opportunities to bury the game towards the end. Giroud must be happy that France won Belgium with Henry on the bench.

Belgium will remain in St. Petersburg for the third place match while France will fly to Moscow for the Final. Will it be England or Croatia? I want Croatia to get to the finals but I would be watching the game with an Englishman. I have to be careful.

While the World Cup is winding up, the NPFL is 8 days away from a return while the Premier League is already hot with new signings. Arsenal have signed Uruguayan Lucas Torreira. He would wear jersey 11. Mahrez has joined Manchester City while Ronaldo is heading to Juventus.

Thanks to the “Power Saving” mode on my phone. I ran out of phone juice and had to make do with 1% for about an hour. Thankfully, I have understood the Metro routes. Getting lost underground was out of it.

Time to find some sleep. Today we know who joins France for the final.