It was dark and empty. The atmosphere was filled with news of the virus – the pandemic. Covid-19 staged an upset to the order – the transmission, infections, deaths and the hope of recovery. Football was affected and kept aside.

For over 60 days, football was relegated to the back. Health became our biggest priority.

But last weekend, Germany showed signs of overcoming the virus with the resumption of the Bundesliga. Yes, it was associated with health mitigations in acknowledgement of the pandemic.

You could see the excitement on Saturday when Dortmund put four past Schalke 04. The stadium were without fans but with online and TV, fans could see their players play the game they love

Halaand celebrate his goal on Saturday

8 matches have been played so far with one more tonight between Werder Bremen and Bayer Leverkusen.

Wonder why the substitutes have to observe social distancing on the bench but will get into the thick of action on the pitch. It is impossible to observe social distancing on the pitch. Even the celebrations were without huggings.

Social distancing on the bench with players on nose mask

Well, these are guidelines to help the spread of the virus. Hopefully none of the players get infected. They were isolated before the return of the league.

Football is back. The Bundesliga is back. Will the Premier League be back sooner? Will the NPFL get back soon too?