After that defeat at Brentford, Goonerdaily was on fire. It was wild and you could feel the disappointment across board.

I woke on Saturday morning to see that the WhatsApp group has been renamed “Victoria Concordia Tierney”. Wow!

At first, I thought someone has added me to a group without my concert but alas, it is my gooner family still there, moaning the loss and Arteta.

Why “Victoria Concordia Tierney”? Looking at Scott Wills post on Arseblog – “Brentford 2-0 Arsenal: By the numbers“, you could see that Kieran Tierney was Arsenal’s attacking outlet on Friday night.

  • 6 – Key passes (led all players)
  • 0.6 – xG assisted (led all players)
  • 11 – Shot creating actions (led all players)
  • 5 – Passes completed into the penalty area (tied for most among all players)
  • 4 – Progressive passes completed
  • 3 – Shots (tied for second among all players)
  • 9 – Touches in the box (tied for most among all players)
  • 51 – Touches in the attacking third (led all players)
  • 11 – Progressive passes received
  • 15 – Final third entry passes received

According to stats, Tierney was by far Arsenal’s most prolific creative threat against Brentford, both in volume and quality. He was involved in 63% of Arsenal’s attacks that ended in shots, while also contributing 42% of Arsenal’s expected goals through his shots and key passes.

Last night, someone asked what Arteta’s formation is. Another bloke answered: “Tierney controlled 4-3-3“.

Facing Lukaku-boosted Chelsea over the weekend and the imminent arrival of Odegaard, will Arsenal play the “Tierney controlled 4-3-3” once again?

For now – Victoria Concordia Tierney