“Bradford beat Arsenal, Arsenal beat Bayern Munich, Bayern Munich beat Barcelona. Bradford better than Barcelona” – Simon Alime. Dodge the missiles.

Barca Batterers
Barca Batterers

In all of my footballing european nights, I have been excited and extremely happy about many matches. Among these are John Terry’s PK miss in Russia, United loss to Barcelona in Wembley, Bendtner’s hattrick against Porto, Arsenal’s 7-0 over Sparta Prague, the Fabregas-inspired 2-0 victory at Milan and many more.

Last night I experienced most probably my happiest european night at the Allianz Arena, where Arsenal had defeated Bayern Munich 2-0 in their incomplete Munich Miracle, Barcelona bit te evergreen grasses and were battered by a rampaging, strong, intelligent Bayern side. Barca is now the 1st side to lose 4-0 in a semi-final.

I am a supporter of Arsenal FC and I look at football from the gunning point of view. I put less energy watching any match else Arsenal and maybe Nigeria. But I made sure I didnt miss a second of last night’s battering.

My european bookmarks has had a flavour of Arsenal in it and a certain degree of dislike to some domineering teams and coaches. I do rather see a neutral win than a rival progress further.

The Bayern-battering of Barca was a victory for bundesliga and football at large. Chelsea’s win over Barca is far from this. The Blues parked the train. Barca outpossessed but Bayern outscored. Barca slowed, Bayern ran; Barca passed, Bayern shot; Barca played, Bayern attacked. Barca forget that Bayern had thrashed some Bundesliga opponent 6-1 in recent times. Bayern had beaten Juventus 4-0 on aggregate in the previous round.

Barcelona’s style has become boring and annoying to many except their fans. They hold onto the ball and make the other not play. They had played like Aliens and superhumans with a certain Messi as the commodore.

Messi was lost in Alaba international (a big electronic market in West Africa) and failed to click. He wasnt fit like the strong machines. He was snuffed of the ball, tackled left, right and center to the excitement of the fans and neutrals of the Munich side.

Barcelona’s loss at the Arena brings to mind the 2-0 victory of Arsenal. Kudos should stull be given to the Wenger boys eventhough they are out. Bayern had defeated the spanish and italian champions but couldnt do that to Arsenal in Munich.

Just as i posted in Cool Football Fans Club on facebook, “you will all be surprised, you La Liga fans, that the final would be German”. I look forward to a german double tonight as I hope Mourinho bits the dust.

Congrats to Bayern Munich for the Barcelona threat last night. I wont forget in hurry. Your Jersey is in my wardrobe already since the beginning of the month. It is Bayern’s time. Thank you Gomez, Muller, Robben, Ribery, Martinez, Schwasteinger, Alaba, Dante, Gustavo, Neuer, Lahm, Badstuber and the Gaffer.

Good Better Bundesliga Football.