The Liebster Award for you

The 2012/13 European football season is over with Manchester United, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, PSG and Juventus running away leaders in their respective leagues. Bayern Munich have broken their Champions League Jinx and the International scene is taking center stage. In Nigeria, the Professional Football League is still on.

For Arsenal, the spider in the trophy cabinet extended her stay with the gunners finishing the season trophy-less no thanks to the B-ouster by Bradford, Blackburn and Bayern Munich in the League Cup, FA Cup and UEFA Champions league respectively. We finally won our Wenger Trophy (The 4th place spot) thanks to Laurent Koscielny. Have you read the Open Letter to Kos?

The rare love for Arsenal and African soccer has driven my desire to start this blog on the 17th September 2012. Inspired by enigma’s goonerdaily, I started out to express my love for arsenal and express my views of situations in football, especially African and Nigerian. I am honoured to tell you that goonerdaily have nominated soccergunz for the liebster award.

liebster-award1 (2)

The liebster award is an award given to bloggers with under 200 followers on their list. I have below 100 followers. There is no general committee that handles this award. It is a recognition from one blogger to the other for their awesome works. The award comes with rules:

  1. Thank the fellow blogger that nominated you
  2. List 11 random facts about yourself
  3. Answer the questions the blogger asked you in the post you were nominated
  4. Nominate 11 other people
  5. Ask the 11 nominees questions as well
  6. Let them know that you nominated them.

Koncepticuz the gooner

Enigma, you may write as goonerdaily, but you would always remain koncepticuz to me. I didn’t understand what a blog is until the birth and growth of goonerdaily. I love the christening and bastardization of the names on goonerdaily that I dare not miss a post. I wake up every morning to check two arsenal sites: and goonerdaily. I thought you were a fan of AC Milan until that champions league 2-0 win over the Italians where you wore the muffler of Milan in mockery on your waist while Arsenal’s was on top. You inspired the conception of soccergunz

11 Random Facts about myself

  • I was born in the late 80’s
  • I am the first of 4 siblings
  • I am phone game freak. I love to break and create records on any phone game. I have won all cups and league on PES 2012 and am yet to see anybody with a score higher than 840,000 in Block’D. (have you, contact me)
  • I don’t drink nor smoke.
  • As a chemical engineer, I love mathematics and enjoy science and technology.
  • I love Roger Federer and Tiger Woods. Federer is the best in your game; he comes with no game plan. Age isn’t on his side but I hope Federer makes his grand slam 20 before he retires. I am happy Tiger Woods is back to his number one.
  • I can’t stop supporting Arsenal. I have walked miles, used last penny, evaded sleep and many more, just to see an Arsenal game.
  • I hold Socrates in high esteem but feel Aristotle is a thief. How can he claim to write in all aspect of life? As a librarian for Alexander the great, I believe he ascribed the books in Egypt to himself since the priest didn’t inscribe their names on them.
  • Besides writing about Arsenal and football in soccergunz, I am a sports writer for Kolors of Africa Magazine, Naija Parrot.
  • I also write on Christian lifestyle in amoscp’s blog and KRCY Press and I am the Press coordinator of Kingdom Recovery Church Youth. follow @WeAreKRCY
  • I don’t joke with God and thus would rather be in a scheduled service than watch a game. I am a Christian.

Responses to goonerdaily’s questions

1. If you have a gun with only one bullet in it and you’re to use to kill anyone in the world who will it be and why?

**scratches head… thinking** sincerely none. Wait, maybe a certain Engr. Uzondu who never answered my questions in school but replied with “shhhhhhut up”. He denied me of some scores and knowledge.

2.     Where will you like to spend your honeymoon with your future spouse?

Paris; I hear it is beautiful. London and Amsterdam are in my plans.

3.     How did you feel after Robin van pierse left to join Manchester United?

I was surprised at first, felt betrayed by RVP and became annoyed with the board and Wenger. Leaving Arsenal is understandable but leaving to join a major rival in 3 competitions is unacceptable.

4.     If you have a chance to screw any of the girls that have acted alongside James Bond in his movies, who will it be and why?

I won’t screw any. They look attractive but I am far from that lifestyle of screwing.

5.     If you have a chance to be anywhere on the world right now, where would it be and why?

In North London; just for The Arsenal.

6.     How did you get interested in writing?

Heading publicity in my department in the university days prompted me in making publications and write-ups. I wrote one in 2008 and the eulogy I received fired me to write more. I didn’t write sports but inspirational and human rights. I couldn’t write about Arsenal because I had little knowledge. I became a gooner in 2002 but never followed religiously till January 2006.

As a Christian, I write on Christian lifestyle and general living on amoscp’s blog. You can check that as well.

7.     If you had the chance to date any celebrity at all, who would you date and why?

Dating celebrities is a job I won’t like to take. I do prefer a relationship void of the attention given to celebrities so as to enjoy the fullest.

8.     Which would you prefer to have this year – 10,000 more page views or 100 more followers?

Both but a solid fan base would be great – 100 followers

9.     If you ever played Mortal Kombat, who was your best character?

I wasn’t into video games in the college days but I knew some characters in Mortal Kombat. I loved subzero.

10. What would you rate as your greatest achievement so far?

So many come to my mind but being a true Christian stands out.

Phew!!!!, I am nominating the following blogs for the Award:

  1.  goonerdaily
  2.  Amoscp’s blog
  3.  Solving problems with fun
  4.  BackPageBanter
  5.  Pointmancarl’s blog
  6.  Blazing cannons
  7.  Tennislife
  8.  A gentleman’s arsenal
  9.  OctopusSaxy’s blog
  10.  Arsenal Arsenal
  11.  My football musings

These are my questions for the nominees:

  1. Who is your greatest political leader of all time? And why?
  2. What is your favourite Arsenal match of all time?
  3. Do you watch cartoons? If yes, which is your best?
  4. What do you know of Nigerian soccer? Which is your best Nigerian club side?
  5. If you were to come to this world again and you are given a chance to be whoever you want, which celebrity would you like to be?
  6. What do you think of Obama’s health care chip to be implanted on the right hand or forehead?
  7. Which is your greatest Nigerian club side of all time?
  8. Are you tired of Isa Hayatou’s reign as CAF president? Why?
  9. Are you for or against goal line technology? Why?
  10. What is the weirdest thing you have ever done?
  11. If you were given the chance to be God for 24 hours, what would you do?

Phew, let’s call it a day at the Leibster Award office. I believe you enjoined this post because it was fun writing it. Thank you goonerdaily.


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