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I have been caught up with the activities of the ever busy commercial capital of Nigeria, Lagos and the Network providers have had their share. The Oil mongers have cast their nets and the Atlantic fishes have been selected.

I have not been a-washed by the media but i have followed the rends as need be. one that stays afloat which i am poked to talk about is the release of the trio of Andrei Arshavin, Neves Denilson and the other guy: Sébastien Squillaci. The media reported that over 150 Premier League players have been released and Arsenal.com talked about the trio.

After the 2008 Euros, Arshavin joined the Arsenal and one day wont erase from every gooner’s memory: The Four-midable Night at Anfield. I remember sitting cramped between the Hostel Halls A and B in the University to have a view of that clash. that is the only night I saw Arsenal got 100% shooting accuracy. we had 4 shots on goal and scored all four, thanks to the Russian assassin.

Four-midable Arshavin
Four-midable Arshavin

Julio Baptista had scored 4 at Anfield before but that was in the Carling cup where we won 6-3. So Arshavin silenced the Liverpool crowd and i thought we had rapped the game at 4-3 but the game ended 4-4. I watch that match almost every time on my PC. that was Arshavin’s greatest Arsenal moment for me. His winning goal against Barcelona in our 2-1 comes second in mind and his assist to Thiery Henry in the Legend’s return to the emirates makes my top three.

For Denilson, I have wanted and hoped he do replace Fabregas. He was the kingpin of our Carling cup campaign in those days (2006/07/08). He was tidy at the middle and had a knack for goals. I wont forget our first match of the 2009/2010 season away at Everton. He scored our first after a good flank work from the World best striker, Bendtner in our 6-1 routing of the toffees.

i loved his dance, his cute hair style but he started to dwindle down and Wenger had no place for him. Just like Arshavin, I would always remember them for their roles at one time or the other. as for the world best Nik, that is a story for another day

what memories do you have of the duo of Arshavin and Denilson. share in the comments section.

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