Football is all about goals. The amount of goals scored in a game determines the description of that game. A goal can result in a win or a draw. You can’t help to shout goal when your team nets in the oppositions’ net.

In my football watching era I have classified score-lines as thus: 0-0 Drab Draw; 1-0 pip; 2-0 win; 3-0 beat;  4-0 whip;  5-0 thrash; 6-0 crush; 7-0 hammer; 8-0 whitewash. I did watch Arsenal beating middlesborough 7-0 twice and beating Sparta Prague 7-0 in the champions league. I do wish to see so high scorline this season.

 I haven’t witnessed scorelines above the above mentioned but Wikipedia has it that

AS Adema 149–0 SO l’Emyrne is the world record for the highest scoreline in association football, recognised by The Guinness Book of Records, set on 31 October 2002. AS Adema, of Antananarivo, in Madagascar, beat their arch-rivals Stade Olympique de l’Emyrne (SOE) as the result of a pre-determined protest by SOE over refereeing decisions that had gone against them during a four-team playoff tournament. The match surpassed the previous record for the highest scoreline of 36–0, set in 1885 where Arbroath won Bon Accord in scottish cup match.

The match was part of a four-team round robin playoff to determine the national championship. The league crown went to Adema after SOE were held to a 2–2 draw by DSA in their penultimate match, during which the referee awarded a late and disputed penalty. The resulting draw meant that SOE were knocked out of the title race. With the championship already decided, SOE decided to protest; according to some sources, there was an argument between the SOE coach and the referee himself. SOE deliberately scored 149 own goals, with spectators saying that after each kick-off the ball was kicked into their own goal, the opposition players standing and looking bemused. It was reported that spectators descended on the ticket booths to demand a refund”

The highest score in an international match takes place in Coffs Harbour in Australia on 11 April 2001. it was the qualifying match for the 2002 FIFA World Cup which Australia won 31-0 against American Samoa which Archie Thompson scored 13 goals on that day.

Well, in Nigeria we rarely witness such high scoreline and we had a bomb shell last weekend with 79 goals recorded in a match. This is what Colins Udoh reported on Kick off:

“Two matches in Nigeria’s Amateur league game witnessed a combined, mind-boggling total of 146 goals.

Police Machine FC from Yola obliterated Babayaro FC from Gombe by 67-0. Not to be outdone, Plateau United Feeders from Jos made it 79-0 against Akurba FC from Nasarawa.

The four teams were involved in one of eight groups in the Nigerian Amateur Division 4 play-offs, the sixth tier of domestic football in the country.

Going into the last round of games at the Bauchi centre, Police Machine and Plateau United Feeders were level on points, and goal difference was expected to determine progress.

NFF head of Competitions Mohammed Sanusi expressed outrage at the results.

“This is a disgrace. We have confirmed the results from the centre and it is totally unacceptable,” he tells “The amateur league board will take a decision on it as soon as possible.”

In the interim, Tanko Maiyaki, the coordinator for the Bauchi centre, has announced the immediate cancellation of all results from the centre.

Amateur league board Secretary Emmanuel Adesanya added that the match officials had also been suspended pending further disciplinary action.

“The match officials have been suspended. The good news is that none of these teams are part of our league as yet. At the moment, they are simply representatives of their states, and only the group winners would have qualified to join the Nationwide Amateur League.

“We cannot allow such fraudulent teams to be part of our league. But the board will take a final decision.”


Plateau Feeder FC 2-0 Bubayaro
Akurba 0-2 Police Machine

Plateau Utd Feeders 0-0 Police Machine
Bubayaro FC 0-0 Akurba FC

Police Machine 67-0 Bubayaro
Plateau United Feeders 79-0 Akurba FC”

How weird football can! How desperate a team and its administrators can be!! How far they can go to achieve their aim: hook or crook!! Making matters fishier, Plateau-Akurba were reportedly 7-0 at half-time while Machine-Babayaro were 6-0 at the interval.

Meanwhile, according to De Rock on his nigeria league website, A journalist bent to put the Nigerian League on the poitive map and complete coverage,

“The Nigeria Nation-wide League in conjunction with Nigeria Football Federation has ordered the immediate suspension of all the teams in the 2013 Play-Off into Division three competitions currently going in Bauchi state.

In a mind-boggling show of shame never previously witnessed in Nigeria football, Plateau United Feeders somehow manufactured a 79-0 victory over Akurba FC while Police Machine FC demolished Babayaro FC 67-0.

All teams were involved in promotion play-offs in which the winners would qualify to play in Nigeria Nationwide League Division 3.

Chairman of the NFF Organising Committee, Chief Mike Umeh, who is also NFF 1st Vice President, was alarmed when informed and promptly directed that the four teams at the centre of the scandal be grounded, pending further sanctions on all involved.

“It is unacceptable. This is a scandal of huge proportions. The four teams involved are suspended immediately and indefinitely, pending further sanctions. We will investigate this matter thoroughly and get to the bottom of it,” Umeh said on Tuesday.

Following the sanction, the match officials , centre coordinator and Bauchi State Football Association (BSFA) have been invited to Abuja to face the Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) Disciplicinary Committee.

NFF’s Director of Competitions, Dr. Mohammed Sanusi assured that the Organising Committee would mete out severe sanctions on all persons and institutions indicted by the investigation.

“For now, that centre is suspended. The teams involved, their players and officials, match officials, coordinator and anyone found to have played some role in this despicable matter would be severely dealt with,” Sanusi said.”

So, what do you have to say about this? wonders shall never end. I keep you abreast of the proceedings of this match.