Football seem to be measured using Europe as a standard of measurement. The English Premier League is widely televised and games like Stoke City’s away win at Etihad makes it the best soap opera on earth.

Nevertheless, every football player wants to dorn his nation’s jersey. Mikel Arteta will grab an opportunity to play for spain even at his age. So FIFA had to break the soap opera just after the transfer window to enable friendlies and qualifiers to be played.

So many games were played but I took interest in Nigeria’s qualification to Morocco 2015. Unfortunately, the Super Eagles were outplayed by Congo in Calabar as the visitors ran away 3-2 winners. Few days later, Nigeria could only get a draw in South Africa.

The results left the AFCON 2013 champions with just a point from 2 games, 5 points behind leaders Congo who defeated 2-0. Nigeria played woefully in the two games lacking direction. What do you expect from a disunited house? Will Nigeria qualifier?

In Cameroun, Cote D’Ivoire came, saw and were beaten black and blue by the young indomitable lions of Cameroun. Egypt lost at home to Tunisia while Angola and Togo are yet to record a point.

AFCON 2015 qualifiers result:

Group A
Sudan 0-3 South Africa
Nigeria 2-3 Congo
Congo 2-0 Sudan
South Africa 0-0 Nigeria

Group B

Mali 2-0 Malawi
Ethiopia 1-2 Algeria
Malawi 3-2 Ethiopia
Algeria 1-0 Mali

Group C
Gabon 1-0 Angola
Burkina Faso 2-0 Lesotho
Angola 0-3 Burkina Faso
Lesotho 1-1 Gabon

Group D

DR Congo 0-2 Cameroon
Cote d’Ivoire 2-1 Sierra Leone
Cameroon 4-1 Cote d’Ivoire
Sierra Leone 0-2 DR Congo

Group E

Ghana 1-1 Uganda
Guinea 2-1 Togo
Togo 2-3 Ghana
Uganda 2-0 Guinea

Group F
Niger 1-3 Cape Verde
Zambia 0-0 Mozambique
Cape Verde 2-0 Zambia
Mozambique 1-1 Niger

Group G

Senegal 2-0 Egypt
Tunisia 2-1 Botswana
Egypt 0-1 Tunisia
Botswana 0-2 Senegal

How much i wanted the break to end after seeing Nigeria’s performance. Time for Arsenal and her newbies to perform against Manchester City. Welbeck is poised to start unless Wenger gets some inspiration from his ancestors to keep faith with Yaya Sanogo. Ramsey should be fit to start and I do hope Rosicky gets his playing time. His acceleration is immensely needed.

Will Ozil continue on the left? Arteta should return to the starting line up. Will Wilshere join him? or will Wenger opt to have Flamini partner Arteta. Gibbs return is likely to relegate Monreal to the bench. Ospina may finally get his seat behind Bould. Any manner of 3 point will be appreciated.

The Gunners must be watchful of Sergio Arguero and Dzeko. I hope we get a clean sheet and atone for our humiliating losses at the hands of the Citizen. Our Community shield win weeks ago should boost our morale.