Arsenal - FA Cup winners 2015

Unless you are in Mars or some unknown planet in the Milky Way, You should know that Arsenal have retained the FA Cup after a classy win over Tim Sherwood’s Aston Villa on Saturday. Goals from Theo Walcott, Alexis Sanchez, Per Metersacker and Olivier Giroud gifted Arsene Wenger his 6th FA Cup and Arsenal’s 12th FA Cup surpassing Manchester United with 11 FA Cups to become the club with the highest FA Cup holders.

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There is no better way to end the season than to earn a silverware. The atmosphere was glorious and the goals top notch. Walcott’s opener, Alexis’ screamer, Meteracker’s 7th goal and Giroud’s flick de la flick. Aston Villa had no response to the four goals with Szczesny having a free day. The Pole kept a clean sheet, was confident and decisive in the air. He sure has aerial command than his Colombian colleague.

Aston Villa met Arsenal three times this season and Benteke that breathes fire and brimstone could not even muster a shot on goal thanks to Koscienly, Metersacker and Coq the detective.

Few years ago, Arsene Wenger’s head was needed on Herod’d plate for refusing to follow the trend of buying trophies. He was labelled Specialist in Failure but have now gone two years winning the FA Cup and becoming the most successful FA Cup coach of all time – tied with Ramsey who coached Aston Villa before technology came to be.

This repeat of the FA Cup was more sweeter and calmer than 12 months ago when the gunners needed an extra time winner from Aaron Ramsey after coming from two goals behind to lift their first silverware in 9 years – almost a decade. This is how an Arsenal final should be – 4-0. Clean sheet. No yellow card. No error leading to a conceded goal. Just grace and joy as goals kept pouring in.

With great spending clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Real Madrid all finishing the season without any silverware – unless you count Fourth Placed Trophy as one – Arsenal will have a good feeling and will surely see this 2014/15 season as a success especially seeing that they finished 3rd in the league and will avoid the two legged playoffs that adds to the stress of a new season.

Arsenal celebrate winning the 2015 FA Cup

With two FA Cups in the Emirates Trophy Cabinet, Arsenal must look ahead of the FA Cup and win the English Premier League and maybe even the Champions League. Since 2004, the Gunners have not tasted Premier League glory. In 2006, they came close to Champions League glory but Henry had Barcelona on his minds and fluffed his chances. Now he has the golden UEFA balls to hit his country man Giroud for his recent deep in form. I was happy Giroud scored in the FA Cup final just to spite Henry. With almighty Henry we couldn’t win the Champions League.

This is not about Henry. It is about Arsenal and the parade is just crazy with fans left right and center. The Blue have of West London will be green with envy to see so much love from the fans and even the queen. When the queen is on your side, you are safer. Ask those that play chess.

I am still basking in the euphoria of the victory. Hopefully this becomes the new trend at the Emirates – at least a trophy per season is not bad. Two trophies will be good for next season.

For now i can only thank the squad for giving us good football for the season and finishing with a silverware. I also congratulate the gooners worldwide including the craziest family – Goonerdaily.

On the lighter side, Lord Bendtner also won a trophy – DFB Cup with Wolfsburg, same day Arsenal won the FA Cup. One Lord. Vermaleen’s case is unique. zero minutes, he has a double already.

Enough of the FA Cup talks, Nigeria will play Brazil in FIFA Youth World cup in New Zealand. I wish the Flying Eagles the best.