After a couple of days away from the rigours of drilling wells on paper – no thanks to some organisms classified as Bacteria by some guy in white overall, i was ready to bounce back to my hood with a hump in step to shine out the glory from the Emirates.


But football has a way of throwing spanners at beautiful planned works. Everyone, including those in another Galaxy didn’t see why Arsenal should sweat over a team from the troubled land of Greece. Little did we know that they had been soaked in one of Wenger’s quote on their way to London – “For the brave, nothing is impossible”. The glory i hoped was gory.

I thought I saw Leonardis and his 300 men fighting against some overpriced Army from North London. It was like rains pettering on smooth peebles, unable to crack it. The Greeks led by a forgetten Nigerian upfront were determined to make Arsene Wenger abuse many watee bottles, test his new puma zippers and haul in cowbell Campbell for a desperate rescue. While a certain Robert was skinning Zagreb in Munich, we were missing chances in London.

The world could not rest when Szczesny was quick to grab his water bottles against Southampton. Ospina banked on this slip and decided to play scene from his imagination. Being scored from a corner kick is an offence and Ospina rose to the occasion, and dropped the ball to appease the gods on mount Olympus. A howler that Szczesny will have grinned about but the Pole was also having a torrid night for Roma.

Alexis huffed, puffed, created the the 1st equalizer and scored the second but all was vain as the Gunners never had a lead for up to 10 mins. Arsenal and Errors are beginning to form a great partnership. A deflected goal, a goalie’s gift and a synchronised mumufication at the back was all the gunners could show.

Everyone expectes more, including the critics but the Gunners will need a miracle as great as a camel passing through the eye of needle to get 6 points from Bayern Munich. Can the gunners still qualify?

This is the Wednesday i expected. I postponed my visit to the Post Office where i was to pick up some Arsenal related material.  Even Chelsea’s loss in Portugal could not atone for Tuesday’s eyesore. The two Manchester clubs got their 1st 3pts from two tougher opponents than Arsenal’s. Do we like gunning for the big fishes?

You can enjoy the post match conference from Wenger or the “we-will-bounce-back” jargon from Any now, we have lost Koscielny for Manchester United. Sighs.


By @AmosCP
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