Today, Arsenal travel to the Etihad to face Manchester City in a bid to finish at least 3rd on the table. It is the first of the last two games of the season. Can we have one last wish for the season?


0 – No more injuries. It is unfair to miss the Euros.
1 – A goal from Francis Coquelin. Isn’t he the only outfield player yet to score in the team?
2 – Two clean sheets for Cech to get the Golden Glove.
3 – Three assists for Mesut Ozil to surpass Thierry Henry’s assist record.
4 – Fourth Man of the Match award for Alex Iwobi – My Nigerian gooner.
5 – Five goals from Giroud, Walcott, Welbeck and Alexis. One last smile.
6 – Six Points more.
7 – Jersey number 7 on the pitch for one more time and one last goal. I have loved no other footballer than Rosicky. He is Football.
8 – Jersey number 8 with his perfect hair on the pitch as farewell.
9 – St. Totteringham Day
10 – At least ten sweet passes leading to the final goal of the season.

How many of these will come to pass?

Drops Mic.


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