It is now traditional for pre and post match press conference before each game in the Premier League. It is an opportunity for the press to hear and ask the coaches questions.

But too many times, the questions are not related to the match or are mere repetitions over the previous weeks. Imagine being asked “Would you sell Ozil in the summer?” every week? You surely would be pissed. Sometimes, it is as if the press is keen on bringing a man down by his words.

There was a press conference yesterday for the Manchester City vs Arsenal game. Wenger talked about everything but you could feel his irritation when stupid questions were thrown at him. We will look at a few:

On whether there being no financial fair play in China creates a disadvantage for European clubs…

I don’t know. If people want to go to China, they go to China. You can understand that I have completely different worries than China today ahead of the Manchester City game.

On whether a player would use an offer from China as a negotiation tool…

Look, I think I closed that subject. I believe that there is nothing more to add to that.

On whether contract talks could affect players’ form…

There is no concern, not at all.

on why he is confident about that…

You waste your time because these players have 18 months on their contracts and I don’t see why there is any urgency in every press conference to have that question. Maybe you lack a bit of creativity in the newspapers and you always come up with the same subject. I don’t see why that should turn up in every press conference.

You can read more from the press conference on the official arsenal site.

To the game, Arsenal has to avoid a defeat. Shikena. Can we manage a clean sheet for once.



Photo credit: @Arsenal