Day #10

My tenth day in Moscow started early. Emeka had to take a 1000 RUB cab to Sheremetyevo Airport. We had searched for available options but City Mapper and Google Map had one voice – Yandex Taxi.

I had to get some gift from the Fan Shop at the FIFA Fan Fest. The area is already 65% dismantled. In 3 days time, Moscow will return to normal. It was the last day at the shop and the 50% sales were still on.

I explored the nature park of the Moscow University. I took a short cut to the Fan Fest. For crowd control, the authorities had directed fans through a longer route.

I had to get a day pass on the Metro seeing that I would take more than 5 journeys before heading to Vnukovo Airport.

I said my goodbyes to Baumanskaya – the district that hosted me. I paid homage to KFC and the Chinese cashier that could understand English. I parted ways with rubles for my last lunch in Moscow – drumsticks, burger and that icecream. She wouldn’t take my tip.

At the hotel, the receptionist bade me goodbye and thanked me for choosing their hotel. I gave her a tip for trying her best irrespective of the language barrier.

I headed for the Metro and had one last look and smile. I had to use the Metro before it shuts down by 1am. From the Arbatsko-Pokrovskaya line, I switched to the Sokolnicheskaya (Red-1) line at Arbatskaya. My last Metro ride in Moscow arrived at Salaryevo. Vnukovo next.

Thank you KFC, Supermarket and Mini Hotel.

Goodbye Baumanskaya.