It was another tale of depressing familiarity for Arsenal, who have taken only seven points from a possible 30 against the rest of the top six this season. They go away from home against immediate rivals. They seem unprepared, both tactically and mentally. They defend poorly. They concede goals. It happens time and again. – Richard Jolly

The gunners travelled to Goodison park knowing fully well that the Toffees were breathing down their neck with 4 points behind and a game in hand. But the gunners failed to show up and like other times, they were outplayed with Wenger out-tactic-ed.

Two first half goals from Naismith and Lukaku and a second half Mikel Arteta own goal added salt to Arsenal’s wounds. Buoyed by the draw at the Emirates over Manchester City, the gunners failed to produce the second half performance that they displayed against City.

Romelu Lukaku fires home Everton's second against Arsenal.

The introduction of Ramsey and Oxlade-Chamberlain at 3-0 did little as the Toffees held on to their biggest win against Arsenal in 25 years. The gunners had slept-walk the 90 minutes, torn apart by the Everton front trio.

This is excruciatingly embarrassing for Arsenal who had warmed the top spots for over 20 weeks of the Premier League only to be dragged down to the infamous Wenger Trophy. 5 points from the last 6 games puts Arsenal 16th on the form table while Everton have gone on a 6-game winning streak. Liverpool are on cloud 9, with Manchester City and Chelsea breathing their neck.

For Arsenal, it is a big shame. The club should cower away and hide in shame. What has gone wrong? The self destruct button is always activated just when everything seems to be on track. The players should ask themselves a lot of serious questions. Wenger should think again. Arsenal is sliding down without brakes. Wenger’s handbrake is broken.

For 10 years, the Premier League have not be won after always getting close. Why get close when you always wither away by February and March. Hoping for Arsenal is like Atlas carrying the World.

The gunners need a messiah to overlook the pool and make them rise and run. Where will the messiah come from? If the gunners continue thus, they may fade into Oblivion. The biblical Israelites even had more zeal and hopes than Arsenal fighting in the Premier League. The term “hope” should be used carefully with Arsenal.

The gunners must brace themselves up and get their acts right. They have to face Wigan at Wembley to have a chance of winning their first silverware in 9 years. with this rag-tag performance, Wigan will only fancy their chances.

A season that started so well now threatens to end in disaster.