Today is Saturday, reminding me of Sunday. Which Sunday? Previous or tomorrow? Can we have the previous Sunday again?

The gunners travelled to the Eastlands Etihad and gave me some good memories that will last me till we beat Mourinho.

These moments still linger in my memories:
1. Koscielny pocketing Aguero all game
2. Metersacker and his meterceptions
3. Metersacker having Aguero clean his boots and sweep the Etihad lawns
4. The look on Kompany face as he gave away a penalty.
5. Coquelin taking out Silva’s shine
6. Milner mined out by Bellerin
7. Cazorla’s trickery
8. Giroud’s Celebration
9. Ospina clean sheet
10. Citizens leaving the Etihad
11. Pellegrini’s face
12. Lampard’s entry and uselessness.
13. The Away Fans
14. Hart drinking from his water bottle after the 2nd goal. My best.

I walked into my office on Monday morning like a boss but my Chelsea colleagues were more happier than i am.

Another monday is near, i want to keep walking in like a boss. Away at Brighton and Hove Albion, a clean sheet win is the only option.

Back to work gooners.